Synthesizing a global perspective
into concentrated insights.

We have developed integrated, iterative, and global research capabilities to generate ideas, underwrite investments, and construct portfolios in a way that takes a comprehensive outlook of our fundamental research into account.

Taking Everything
Into Account

Our approach emphasizes diligence, expertise, experience, and collaboration. It highlights active adaptability. It benefits from boots on the ground: touring facilities, meeting a company’s owners, employees, customers, and suppliers. It demands dialogue to foster clarity and conviction.

In an environment where others have localized, specialized, or narrowed their apertures, we take a holistic, integrated outlook to produce differentiated insights and contrarian perspectives.

Pattern Recognition

Know what to look for, where to look, and when.

We look to invest behind change that can catalyze, accelerate, or unlock value. Collaboration and shared institutional knowledge drive and inform pattern recognition across sectors and geographies to support the continuous re-underwriting of our beliefs and ongoing discovery of new opportunities.

The Dynamics of Cycles
We look for attractive entry points when cycles create opportunities where institutional knowledge, domain expertise, and deep experience inform our recognition of inflection points as or before they occur.
On average, we typically hold a single long position for 2-3 years, though we have followed certain companies for close to our entire existence. We believe the ability to match our investment timeline to our investors’ duration is a continued source of alpha.
Innovation comes in many forms: technology, product, distribution, business model, management approach or ability, and so on. These catalysts are moments to rethink our expectations and evaluate new facts that may alter our prior conclusions.

360-Degree Vision

Because silos create blind spots, our research process is integrated across verticals and industries, enabling us to assemble a comprehensive view of and around every opportunity.

We examine companies, analyzing their reputation, management, key performance metrics, unit economics, current conditions, and future prospects. We leverage our strong global network for insights into the ecosystems around companies. We synthesize industry and regional insights, trends, opportunities, and threats to enhance pattern recognition for potential analogous dynamics in other areas. All this informs a holistic, micro-to-macro view, enabling our collaborative process of analysis, debate, and idea generation.

Crucially, this process is iterative, keeping our intel current and creating a steady stream of learnings and insights, allowing us to optimize our strategies over time.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our collaborative investment team contributes to our institutional knowledge to evaluate and debate opportunities, trends, and economic conditions across public and private markets.

Qualitative and quantitative, macro and micro, long and short, public and private—our research method integrates numerous factors into a positive feedback loop of learnings, innovations, and optimization.
Ongoing research works to fuel continuous pursuit of compelling risk-reward opportunities worldwide that meet our rigorous investment criteria.
We perform deep fundamental work to evaluate a company’s management caliber, growth potential, unit economics, margin profile, competitive dynamics, and franchise value.
Through a concentrated portfolio of best ideas informed by our overall risk framework, we focus on balanced exposure to potential return drivers.

Lone Pine Strategies


Targets long-term capital appreciation through multi-industry stock selection and concentration in high-conviction companies that have the ability to outperform global equities over a typical 1-5+ year holding period.

Seeks to execute an iterative research process where key insights and discoveries can inspire, support, or challenge ideas across geographies, sectors, and markets.

Invests primarily in North America and Europe, with generally a 25% limitation on Emerging Markets.

Does not employ leverage and seeks to remain close to fully invested over time.

Long/Short Equity

Pursues a combination of concentrated long positions, consistent with Long-Only, and a diversified portfolio of short ideas to achieve long-term capital appreciation.

Seeks to execute an iterative research process where key insights and discoveries can inspire, support, or challenge ideas across geographies, sectors, and markets.

Invests primarily in North America and Europe, with generally a 25% limitation on Emerging Markets.

Net exposure is typically moderate and may vary based on a variety of factors, including opportunity set (long or short), market conditions, and the use of leverage. 

Growth Equity

Seeks to leverage our rigorous research and deep market knowledge to identify and take concentrated positions in private growth-stage (typically Series C-D) companies.

Pursues opportunities in Software, Financial Technology, Healthcare, and Consumer, where our reputation, network, institutional knowledge, and team may offer an advantage in sourcing, selecting, and accessing innovative private companies.

Focuses on capital-efficient companies with the potential to achieve significant public market capitalizations.

Endeavors to generate a meaningful multiple of invested capital.

Deep experience.
Disciplined innovation.
Collective ownership.

Our team members bring an array of experiences, perspectives, and strategic styles to the table. We share a daily determination to keep learning, and to use those insights to help one another—and our stakeholders—succeed.

Steve Mandel
David Craver
Kelly Granat
Brian Doherty
Head Trader
Kerry Tyler

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