It takes deep roots to reach new heights.

We are a research-driven fundamental equity investment firm that serves our global partners with a unique combination of enduring methods, dynamic change, and purposeful collaboration.

Integrated Systems
Propel Growth

Success rarely stems from a single source. Harmonized people, processes, and purpose produce great outcomes. We strive to integrate our unique blend of cross-sectional research, deep diligence, and diverse perspectives to identify high-conviction ideas capable of producing outsized outcomes for our investors.

We seek to foster synergistic relationships among our investors, portfolio companies, and team. We perform comprehensive research on investment opportunities. We prioritize long-lasting and fruitful relationships with our clients so that we grow together.

After more than 25 years, we remain rooted in people, performance, and service. We combine deep expertise, disciplined innovation, and enduring partnerships that only get better with time.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our collaborative investment team contributes to our institutional knowledge to evaluate and debate opportunities, trends, and economic conditions across public and private markets.

Qualitative and quantitative, macro and micro, long and short, public and private—our research method integrates numerous factors into a positive feedback loop of learnings, innovations, and optimization.
Ongoing research works to fuel continuous pursuit of compelling risk-reward opportunities worldwide that meet our rigorous investment criteria.
We perform deep fundamental work to evaluate a company’s management caliber, growth potential, unit economics, margin profile, competitive dynamics, and franchise value.
Through a concentrated portfolio of best ideas informed by our overall risk framework, we focus on balanced exposure to potential return drivers.

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